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Learn the 7 key strategies for business growth

Trusted kiwi Business Advisor, Murray Fulton, explains how you can grow your annual business revenue above the $5m line in this new eBook.

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What's covered in this eBook?

In this eBook I share with you my distilled observations from the last 14 years in business. As a well-practiced advisor with experience in New Zealand and beyond, I'll take you through what it takes to grow your business revenue above the $5m line. 

In particular, I cover:

  • ​Funding and fuelling the need for cash. I take you through the four sources available to you and the merits and pitfalls of each.
  • Investing in your productive assets e.g. you, your team, your brand and IP.  
  • Improving the capability and focus of your business.
  • Managing the right growth by selecting the right KPI’s.  
  • Creating a culture and strategy that supports growth - the merits of consistency and transparency.
  • Relentless execution that avoids the “Everest Syndrome”.
  • Picking an appropriate governance and Leadership framework for ongoing growth.




These distilled observations explain what the seminal success factors are, and most importantly a summary of pitfalls to avoid.
I’m privileged to work with business owners to help them generate highly significant and at times life-changing improvements to their business and family / personal lives.
Download my eBook today, and begin your journey of growth while avoiding traps along the way.

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