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Is your business in trouble?


We’ll help you understand how to implement the changes needed to turn things around.

  • Generate the maximum possible cash flow from your current business. Following the steps our advisors suggest will place you in the best possible cash flow position.

  • Assess cash flow and working capital. Get your business “bank ready”. Banks work on information – we will help you organize and present the right information in the right format, to enable you to put your best foot forward with your banker or finance provider. We will explain how bankers think, what they look for, and what they need to see.
  • Approach a bank or similar provider to secure funding. We will coach you on how to present a case for the best chance of success. We will also help you to assemble and present this case.

  • Structure your business to maximise your cash flow and profit – before, during and after approaching a bank or funding provider. We will help you understand how to make cash flow a key foundation for your business.

Request a FREE 30-minute discovery session with one of our advisors:

How long will it take?

An engagement of this nature will depend on your circumstances and business needs. We will estimate the timing for you once we understand the requirements.

How does our pricing work?

  • We genuinely want to help so our advisors will not charge for the first 30 minutes of their time while they learn about your situation.
  • Once we have clarity on the business need we will provide a scope and estimate.

  • Some businesses may be eligible for government funded support. We will assess this with you when we meet.

We’re committed to supporting NZ businesses still suffering from the impact of  COVID-19. Let’s get started today.


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